New Business Partner

Petra Wildemann

Business Partner

Petra Wildemann is a Business Partner of Arocha & Associates.

A qualified actuary for Life Insurance and Property & Casualty Insurance in Switzerland (SAV), Germany (DAV) and UK (IFoA Affiliate). Petra brings more than 25 years of experience in actuarial, insurance, reinsurance, risk management, technology and risk transfer solutions to Arocha & Associates.

Petra is also the Chair of the Swiss Cyber Think Tank (SCTT), which she founded in 2015. SCTT offers reinsurers and direct insurers, security and technology firms a platform for networking and sharing topics of “Cyber Risk and Insurability”.

Broadly recognized for her expertise in Cyber Risks, Pandemic and Epidemic Risks and NatCat Risks in many regions and countries, Petra has successfully implemented modelling systems for epidemic/pandemic and for life insurance programs.  She led the European business of Metabiota for Zoonotic and Human diseases and potential outbreaks of pandemic and epidemic risks. She was also a Managing Director for FTI Consulting, where she was Lead Actuary on an M&A engagement for a Japanese life insurer researching life insurance buy-ins in Europe and also the Lead Actuary for a review of the reserves for a UK P&C insurer. In addition, Petra was the Lead Actuary on a forensic investigation for life insurance policy under South Korea law.

Petra has also had successful tenures at Pro Insurances Services, IBM, HP, Accenture and Sungard, where she led the Actuarial team in Europe and Asia.