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The Routledge Companion to Strategic Risk Management:

An interesting publication on risk management has  been released: website.

Edited by a globally recognized expert on strategic risk management, this book will be an essential reference for students, researchers, and professionals with an interest in risk management, strategic management and finance. Markus Schädeli contributed to this book with an own chapter...


Markus Schädeli has been nominated Head of Business Development for SwissDeCode (www.swissdecode.com). This role is linked to recent development @ SwissDeCode, which will help companies to better manage major crisis such as product contamination / product recalls leading to a significant disruption of their supply chain. More details under: www.swissdecode.com.

Markus is also Regional Director for Eastern Europe of ERMA (Enterprise Risk Management Academy, read his latest article in RiskReview Newsletter).


We are also regularly solicited to contribute our vast experience to conferences and/or training events.


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Events (2019):

  • Host @ BaliERM-A Annual Conference in Bali / Indonesia (5-6 Dec 2019)
  • ERM-A Risk Management Training, Bali (4 Dec 2019)
  • Speaker / moderator @ Risk!n conference in Basel (16-17 May 2019)

Events (previous years):

  • 2018: BaliERM-A - Yogyakarta; Risk!n Basel
  • 2017: ERM-A Bali/Budapest; F&B Risk Masterclass Singapore/Jakarta/Manila/Kuala Lumpur
  • 2016: ERM-A Bali/London/Nairobi; RMA Stuttgart; F&B Risk Masterclass Singapore; IIA/SVIR Zurich
  • 2015: Berlin/Lausanne/London (2x)/Zurich (3x)
  • 2014: Helsinki/New York/Stockholm/Zurich
  • 2013: Geneva/Jakarta/Penthalaz-Lausanne/Warsaw/Zurich
  • 2012: Geneva/Lausanne/Zurich