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Loss Prevention

Our vision is to help you define standards of prevention & protection

in your organization


Loss Prevention helps you to get a consistent view on the standards applied to protect your assets. You can also benchmark those against globally recognized standards such as ISO, NFPA, FM, etc.

How do you:

  • assess the level of prevention & protection in your sites, e.g. for fire, explosion and/or natural hazards (flood, storm, earthquake, etc.)?
  • define actions to improve level of prevention & protection?


TCG helps you to:

  • better  understand the quality of prevention & protection;
  • identify common problems that may exist;
  • develop standards and best practices;
  • reduce frequency and severity of losses;
  • improve your exposure by understanding potential loss scenarios, and;
  • last but not least better support capital investment decisions.


TCG assignments (2019):
  • Europe (31): France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, UK;
  • Africa (12): Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia;
  • Middle East - South Asia (12): Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey;
  • Technical Support (8): Algeria, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland;
  • Review/Desktop Assignment (87): Europe, Latin America.


TCG assignments (2015-2018):

  • Europe (71): France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine;
  • Africa (28): Algeria, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda;
  • Middle East (4): Iraq, Israel;
  • South Asia (10): Pakistan;
  • Technical Support (48): Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Dominican Rep., Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey;
  • Review/Desktop Assignment (187): Europe, Asia, North & Latin America.